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Anatomical Breathing

Re-learn how to breathe correctly


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Classes for corporate clients, businesses or start-ups.



Online or in person in the Greater London area.


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Group classes including for charities.


Re-learn how to breathe correctly

In the Anatomical Breathing Class, you will re-learn how to breathe and boost your energy levels, your immunity and your performance in a fun and engaging way.


Through a variety of breathwork exercises, we will focus on techniques to align your breath and body to improve your physical, mental and emotional well being. 

Your teacher
Your teacher
Saliha Van Nuland

Growing up as a child, I suffered from chronic asthma, resulting in frequent spells in hospitals and being tied to nebulizers.


Many years later, living and working in hectic NYC, I started suffering from anxiety and fatigue. My quest for health and balance brought me into yoga and Vipassana meditation.

Why breathing?

When we are born, we breathe in a perfect way — we are born as anatomically correct breathers.  


Unfortunately, this changes throughout our lifetime —  over 90% of adults breathe incorrectly.


Busy lives, stress and sedentary lifestyles affect the way we breathe and our physical and mental health, leading to a number of diseases and a few typical 21st century health issues.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? The Anatomical Breathing Class may help!




High blood pressure






As a hedge fund trader, I operate in a high stress environment. The Anatomical Breathing class really helped me focus my decision-making and improve my performance.

Nico M., Derivatives Trader