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Your breathing teacher

Saliha Van Nuland

Growing up as a child, I suffered from chronic asthma, resulting in frequent spells in hospitals and being tied to nebulizers. Many years later, living and working in hectic NYC, I started suffering from anxiety and fatigue. My quest for health and balance brought me into yoga and Vipassana meditation.


A meditation expert subsequently introduced me to Dr. Belisa Vranich, a renowned clinical psychologist and a leading expert in mental health and fitness based in New York City. A leading expert in the field of breathing, Dr. Vranich has been helping people boost their health and performance through breathing, ranging from children with lung issues to professional athletes.


Dr. Vranich’ contagious passion for breathing inspired me to pursue breathwork and becoming a certified Breathwork and Meditation Teacher.


Currently based in East London, I now teach classes in person and online as well as to corporate clients and start-ups, schools and charities. I also teach group classes in sports and yoga studios.


I teach individual clients of all ages and fitness levels, ranging from jiu jitsu masters to investment bankers to happy grandmothers.

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